Why Mohamed V University?

Mohamed V University in Abu Dhabi stems from the wise, conscious vision of the UAE leadership to make advanced education a strategy and a priority to establish a distinct civilization and society with international leadership on the land of the United Arab Emirates. This has been allowed and made easy by employing the global expertise for the benefit of people in this country, males and females, to shorten the distances and to climb the global competition ladder with the best tools, strongest curricula, and the latest knowledge input.

Out of this enlightened vision of the importance of education by the country’s leadership, The University of Mohamed V – Abu Dhabi has focused – out of its slogan: loyalty to the homeland, preservation of values and excellence in Knowledge- in its current and future programs on:

  • Consolidating the value of the nation and national identity through the continuous work to highlight the national and cultural identity in the service of the homeland and its belonging with the loyalty and love of the good leadership that ensures the security, stability, progress, and grandeur, and make it easier for citizens to enjoy a better education, a decent life and a human contribution.
  • Depth in specialization: through the lessons based on the choice of principal materials, which are based on the correct, approved sources to link the students with the sources of Islamic knowledge and values, which are based on creation, tolerance, moderation and cooperation. They also give the students the ability to absorb knowledge development and growth in both quality, quantity and via interaction, with a reliable methodology that would make them able to contribute to their specialization and to possess valid entries of knowledge, understanding and creativity.
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge via the inclusion of subjects that make it easier for students to communicate with the environment after graduation through a multifaceted culture related to reality. Such varied knowledge also makes their specialization receive the attention and be actively involved in the development of society and these subjects are the ones that produce the excellence we are dealing with now, and will continue to keep this program in mind, to create a knowledge-based, influential generation.
  • Enabling the student of contemporary means of communication and exchange of ideas in Arabic and other languages (English), as well as equipping them with modern tools that facilitate the process of communicating through lessons on modern communication tools.

The university program was developed in its structure, comprehensiveness and contents to meet the needs of society in the United Arab Emirates of qualified scientists, highly competitive staff, eminent scientists and professors who are characterized by centrist thought, creativity and excellence, and saturated with the spirit of love and loyalty to the homeland.

  • Mohammed V University Abu Dhabi is pursuing this way with the support and encouragement from the leadership, may Allah support them, to achieve its noble objectives.

We owe the continuous support and encouragement of the university to the wise leadership, committing ourselves to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan – President of the UAE and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, may Allah support him.

The university, its faculty and students do affirm belonging and loyalty and promise the leadership to continue to achieve the objectives of the university: loyalty to the homeland, preservation of values, excellence in knowledge.